Spotlight Sundays No.1 : Fifi Rong


Blog aficionados may already know Fifi Rong. She’s been featured in publications like The Fader, Pigeons and Planes and The 405 and received radio support by the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. The London-based artist is also the first to star in the Spotlight Sundays feature, which will update you with the latest in cutting edge music the last Sunday of every month.

With an upcoming EP in the pipeline, I got in touch with, in my opinion, one of the most interesting artists in the London scene, to learn more about her, her influences and her music.

Your EPs seem to draw from a wide range of influences. In particular, your latest EP veers from dark and atmospheric to a more bouncy playful electronic sound for example in ‘Slow Poison’. What are your main musical influences?

I’d say mainly UK electronic music of quite a broad spectrum and Chinese traditional music, and invariably pop.

How important is experimentation in your music? Is this what you set out to do beforehand or is it what just naturally comes to you when producing?

Very! It’s what keeps the excitement going. I think both, I value uniqueness and I get bored quickly.

This experimentation, to me, suggests a refusal to be pigeonholed in today’s genre-heavy music industry. Would you say this is an accurate reflection of your music and your character?

My music just happens to blend genres, it’s not a conscious decision. I think the realest thing we can do as music makers is to express who we are through music, so whatever comes out of me, I’d be happy as long as it’s honest.

One of the things I admire about your work are your strong visuals. How important, in today’s digital world, do you think aesthetics are and where do your visual inspirations come from?

Thanks! Yes, visuals enhance the listening experience. A lot of my visuals comes from what I consider as good part from my Chinese cultural heritage, which I want to reintroduce to the world.

You’re releasing your next EP through the direct-to-fan platform Pledge Music, which you have previously used. Why have you decided to release your music in this way, rather than the traditional way of doing so?

It’s much more fun to share with people all the work, ups and downs behind the scene in the making process of a release. There’s so much work and life behind the result of what you hear, so it’s a much fulfilling exercise to do it that way.

Lastly, what can we expect from your upcoming EP? Are there any more collaborations in the works? What has the production process been like?

The upcoming EP Forbidden Desire is my most coherent body of work so far. As far as the latest vision for my sound goes, this is my most fully realised. No collaboration, completely solo work and the production process has been smooth actually… I feel I’ve been solidifying my sound significantly and that I’ve formed as an artist more so than ever.

Click here to get involved in Fifi Rong’s PledgeMusic campaign. 


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